1. you always ask where somebody dined when you see their delicious plate on social media. 
    and are very disappointed when they don’t remember the name of the place.
  2. going on holiday means planning in advance where to eat. 
    Going on holiday or even shopping in a city where I’m not often means googling nice restaurants in advance.
  3. at least one out of 9 pictures on your Instagram account are food pictures. 
    I go out for dinner at least once a week and taking pictures of my food is kind of required.

  4. you look weird at people that pass on dessert. 
    How can one end a lovely dinner without dessert!?
  5. you start thinking about at least 5 restaurants when someone suggests going out for dinner. 
    Life is filled with difficult choices.
  6. already check the menu online even when the dinner date is still days away. 
    The moment someone asks me out for dinner, I immediately look up the restaurant and check their menu. 

13 Replies to “LIFESTYLE:You are a foodie if…

  1. Ik ben duidelijk geen foodie. Ik kan echt genieten van eten en ik heb de restaurants al uitgezocht voor mijn tripje naar Londen, maar de gevoelens die hierboven staan heb ik niet 😛

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