I’m Karen Liesens, a 24-year old girl from Belgium. My mother is a very proud and beautiful woman, so growing up as a child I always had the prettiest clothes on. I guess I started to “revolt” against this in my teenage years. Resulting in my “skater” period and only pants no dresses years. 
This changed when I was about 18-years-old. Slowly I started to wear more and more dresses. Than one day I ended up on the Gucci website and my heart got hooked on fashion. Through the years my style evolved. At the moment I mostly wear dresses in al different colors, pants with prints, big gold jewelry, statement designer bags,.. The whole year round I’m always saving up my money for a new fashion item. 
I started this blog because I’ve always loved writing and wanted to share my passion for fashion with the world. I will show my daily outfits, the newest items in my closet, streetstyle and runway outfits I like,… 
Recently I got invited to different fashion events such as:

* Colorhungry at Pinko
* Fashionata & KI6! Who are you? cocktail party
* Armani Jeans Store opening in Antwerp
* Pinko Winter Fashion Show in Antwerp
* Fashion night at Smets premium Store Brussels
* Liu Jo Store opening in Antwerp
I hope I will be able to add some more events thanks to this blog.
For more questions you can always contact me at liesenskaren@gmail.com
Thanks for following my blog!
Karen – Dressing in Labels

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  1. Hoihoi,

    Leuk om te lezen dat je dmv je blog op verschillende fashion events bent uitgenodigd! Nog enige tips voor startende bloggers?


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