1. Primark red and yellow shirts

I went to Eindhoven and my first stop was of course Primark. These two shirts are in my favourite colours made it into my wardrobe. Do you like how I combined the yellow shirt in this outfit?
2. Ici Paris XL

Ici Paris XL made quite some money thanks to me the past week. I restocked my essentials with the Advance night Repair and the Idealist from Estée Lauder. I spoiled myself as well with a red nail polish from Dior and one of their new Tie Dye blushes. Reviews will hopefully be soon on the blog.
3. H&M necklace

I just couldn’t resist this statement necklace.
4. Earrings

My mom got us these look a like Dior earrings.
5. Bracelets

I needed some new bracelets preferably some more delicate pieces. I indulged on two Cartier look a like bracelets and one from My jewellery

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