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Last week was a very busy week for me. Thursday I was invited to the opening of the new Armani Store in Antwerp thanks to Nathalie from the blog Curls and Bags. A lot of bloggers attended this party and inspired me to start my own Fashion blog. The picture left down was my outfit I wore to this event: H&m dress and Christian Louboutin heels.
On the right you see some of my favourite bags I took on the city trip to Milan: my mothers’ Michael Kors bag and my personalized monagram Speedy bag. 
This picture is a recap from the Armani event. You see me with Nathalie and some of the bags which are available in this store. Everyone also got a little gift: a bag from Armani Jeans and someone printed your name on the bag.
After the Armani event I immediately went to Milan. Here I bought a new Speedy bag, this time to damier model. My best friend bought a clutch at Gucci. As you can see, we experienced our own “Gossip Girl” moment at Ladurée. 
Wednesday, 30th October, was my actual birthday and this was celebrated with pie.
The next day my best friend treated me with the best gifts ever. Some pretty cards, a wallet and some gift cards. I’m convincing my mom to go to Antwerp very soon because I already have my eye on a new Louis Vuitton item: a golden scarf.

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