With Rock Werchter the Belgian festival season has officially started. Regular festival visitors know of course that each season you have to prepare your wardrobe and more importantly: the shoe game. Multiple day festivals really take a toll on your feet plus over the course of a few days the weather can change from rainy to sunny.

My shoe essentials for festivals are: sneakers, boots and  espadrilles. Since I’m lacking time to go shopping at the moment, I started surfing the internet and I ended up on the webshop EscapeShoes.
This shop has a wide range of shoes, bags and clothes and they ship internationally. Below are some of my favourite shoes for this festival season:

Espadrilles have replaced ballerinas as the ultimate summer shoe. All the cool kids are wearing them.

Converse is probably the best sold shoe brand in the world and I’m a fan as well. Sneakers are so comfortable yet fashionable as well. Plus: my mom washes my Converse sneakers in the laundry machine and they are like new again afterwards.
Nike sneakers are very fashionable as well and available in the most amazing colour palettes. You will definitely draw attention on yourself with a fabulous pair of Nike sneakers.

Belgian summer can still bring along a lot of rain so a pair of rain boots are definitely a necessity during festival season. Kate Moss has been a fan of Hunter for years. The boots are available in different colours and sizes. 

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