Hi girls! Time to share another secret with you! I always loved wearing new items and definitely as a fashion blogger it’s very important to often wear new clothes. This is of course not so cheap and doesn’t make me want to splurge on clothes for special occasions such as New Year’s Eve.

The last few years I have re-worn old dresses on new year’s eve but this year I definitely want a new one. So I asked myself how to look picture perfect without breaking my bank account!? Sales only start after the 1st January so this will be too late. Neither do I want a dress from some chain shop and risking spotting other girls wearing the same thing.  Luckily a lot of webshops are influenced by American holidays and my favourite is Black Friday. Black Friday is the last Friday of November (25/11/16) during which (online) shops offer huge sales.

A little bird told me that on my favourite webshop Dresswe all items will be up to 90% off. So girls get ready to rumble over those perfect and unique occasion dresses. Dresswe has a huge range of items so I’ll show you my favourites from the Dresswe Black Friday Sales 2016.

This year is definitely your chance to finally wear that princess maxi dress you’ve always wanted to wear. If you want to surprise your friends, you could opt for a purple dress like the first one.
Red is very beautiful as well, definitely when you have brown hair. Another pretty colour for the holidays is emerald green, this is one hell of a classy colour. 
If you want some safer options, you opt for black, powder pink or royal blue. Black might sound a bit boring but you can also mix up fabrics and lengths, see picture 4.
New Year’s Eve is the perfect occasion to go wild with embellishments on your clothing or accessories. Lace is also a great option because it looks super classy and elegant. Dresswe also offers the perfect accessories and shoes to go with your dress. Check all the sale items here: http://www.dresswe.com/topic/blackfriday.html 
Which dress is your favourite? What do you usually wear on NYE? Are you planning to mix things up this year?

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