EVENT: Geox breathes

So last night another trip to Brussels was on the agenda. This time it wasn’t for another round of shopping though but for an event. When I first saw the invite on Sofie Valkiers aka Fashionata’s website I was doubting to attend the event. I never bought Geox shoes because they didn’t really attract me. But then Sofie wore the amazing slip-ons in one of her outfits and it became clear that Geox is busy modernising their image. And with success I must say!

The event was organised at their shop in Brussels on the Rue des Fripiers which is very close to the Grand Place. Linde and Anouk, two of my best friends, joined me to the big city. The atmosphere was very relaxed and Sofie was super nice as usual. She’s a real natural at attending these kinds of events and being a representative for a brand.

Geox and Claudia Wünsch Communication made sure that everything went very smoothly. We got offered lots of bites, healthy sandwiches but of course some chocolates couldn’t be missing either.

As for the shoes I must admit that I was really surprised. Geox is known for great quality so when they say that their shoes “breath”, it isn’t a lie. But I was definitely struck by the modern and feminine designs from the shoes as well. I fell in love with the black slip-ons but unfortunately they made my feed look quite big so I passed on them. I will definitely keep my eye on Geox in the future.

I’m wearing
shirt: Mango
skirt: Supertrash
shoes: New Look
bag: Louis Vuitton
watch: D&G
bracelets: Stretch that dollar

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  1. Wow, ziet er leuk uit. Ik heb ook geen schoenen van Geox. Zoals je zelf zei, het zijn niet echt schoenen die me aantrekken. Maar nu ik je foto's zie, en de schoenen, begin ik mijn mening ook wel te herzien. Ze zijn inderdaad aan het moderniseren. Wat goed van hun! Ik ga zeker eens een geox winkel binnenspringen!

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