D&G Sicilian Jewels make-up collection

2 weeks ago Krizia from Shark Attack reported about the launch of the exclusive D&G Sicilian Jewels make-up collection. I immediately knew I had to get my hands on this collection. So we started searching for a selling point. Unfortunately D&G makeup is almost nowhere available in Belgium so it seemed like we had to give up. Eventually we found out that we could buy the collection online at the Harrods website. Transport costs were quite high so we ordered together. Krizia bought  the purple and red lipstick, I chose the gold lipstick and the red nail polish.

I’m not the most skillfully person in applying nail polish so I always keep a thread rod nearby. I’m really pleased about the nail polish. One layer is enough the cover the nail completely. The color is very pretty and shiny. 
The lipstick is easy to apply but unfortunately not very noticeable. I’ll probably use it to create a nude look.
Today I went shopping in Maastricht and also bought a new perfume. In Milan I tried out a new scent from D&G, called “Intense”. The package is made of velvet which gives it a very “chique” look. 
Did you ever do something special to get your hands on an exclusive collection?

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  1. Ik ben ook geen kei in het lakken van mijn nagels. De nagels van mijn linkerhand zijn altijd supermooi gelakt, maar als ik dan met de linkse hand moet lakken, is het een pak minder. Frustrerend 🙂 Dé oplossing voor perfecte nagels: Gelish!!! Alleen jammer dat de kleur zo snel uitgroeit.

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