REVIEW: Primark nail polish

During my most recent trip to Primark I purchased three shades of nail polish. A purple kind of pastel, a blue kind of pastel and a glittery nail polish. I’ve been trying out the two pastels shades and I’m ready to review them for you.

The bottle, in which the nail polish is in, is very basic. It’s just a see-through bottle with the brand mentioned and a white cap. I have to admit that the package is not very inviting.

one layer of nail polish

The main reason why I bought these nail polishes is because of the cheap price (€2,35) and because I don’t expect to wear the pastel shades as much as basic colors. Therefore I didn’t feel like spending an awful lot of money on it.

two layers of nail polish

I didn’t really have high expectations when I started doing my nails. The brush was a bit rough and I even had to cut a longer hair of the brush because it would make stains. After one layer I wasn’t completely pleased. Although the colors from both the purple and blue nail polish are very pretty, they both didn’t cover well after one layer. The blue shade covers better though as the purple one.

one layer of nail polish

No need to panic yet though. I tried on a second layer and all of a sudden I had reached a perfect (!) coverage. Some minor notes: in my opinion the Primark nail polish takes more time to dry than more expensive nail polishes. It also flakes off a bit sooner as others.

two layers of nail polish

All in all if you take the price into account, I’m very pleased about the quality. What do you think about the colors?

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